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Membership - Adults

Price: 295.00 AUD

BRD charge a common annual membership fee for ALL members, no matter what discipline they paddle..

Membership year is from 01 July o 30 June each year (Pro-rata apply through the year)

Members joining now get bonus membership between joining and 1 July!

  • Adult Membership - $295 
  • Discounted membership - $236 (BRD offers a 20% discount to: Pensioners / Students / Under 30) 
  • Junior membership is $50 per annum. 

Additionally each paddling discipline has their own governing body who collect fees directly from paddlers:

Dragon Boat paddlers need to pay membership and insurance to Dragon Boat Queensland (DBQ) - this is $90 per year (July to June).Once your BRD membership has been processed you will be invoiced for the DBQ registration. Dragon Boat paddlers are required to complete the DBQ Membership Form and email to

Outrigger paddlers will need to have AOCRA membership and pay their fees directly to AOCRA. (currently $70 for 12 months)

All memberships have a common expiry date of the 30th June each year.
NB: Refunds of membership fees will not be provided to members transferring to another club. (Refer BRD By-Law 4.1.7)

Junior Dragon Boat and/or Outrigger Membership - U18yrs

Price: 50.00 AUD

Same privilege's and/or conditions as Full DB & OC Membership – Adults.

Membership Packages

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