Getting us back on the water has been the focus of DBQ and BRD MC in recent weeks. 

We are currently in stage 2 with approval received from the Chief Health Officer for ten in a boat with specific seating plans. Submissions were made to attempt to get full boats and greater flexibility with the outcome achieved being the best that could be negotiated. 

Note: the only constant at the moment is change! These docs will be subject to change and will be updated as required. 

Negotiations are underway with the relevant authorities to obtain further concessions for dragon boating as part of Stage 3 which is due to commence on 10 July 2020. DBQ is very hopeful of approval for a return to full boats at that time, so fingers crossed that eventuates. 

If you have any questions about the DBQ plan please contact Mark Slater at If you have any questions about BRD's plan or the application of it please contact Julia Clark


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