BRD continued their dominance of the Queensland State Championships, medalling across the board.  The final medal count for BRD was 13 gold, 2 silvers and 3 bronze from 18 events. With 21 clubs attending from around the state in 20’s and 10’s, and with a gusty, wet and wild Sunday – it was a testing regatta.

It was particularly pleasing to see the excellent efforts from first time attendees at States – they’re prepped, primed and pumped for Nationals!

Saturday saw the 20’s compete in the 500m events.

With low numbers participating in the 20’s, it was one heat, for lane positions, then the final.

The Grand Masters Mixed were pushed by Manly who were leading with 70m to go, but a fantastic lift saw BRD power home. It was the reverse in Premiers Mixed, BRD were in front, when they were mowed down by Tewaka, one of only two silvers for the day.

Master Mixed and Grand Master Women controlled their races well, and won handsomely. Masters Womens, with a number of fresh faces in the line up, and back to back to back racing, managed a well fought 2nd.

Premiers Open and Premiers Women were both fantastically tight tussles with our nemesis, TeWaka.  Te Waka were determined to beat BRD, it’s been their focus for 2012, but on both occasions, BRD proved too strong. The women won well, and the men did an exceptional lift to power past them for a win.

Day one results -

Premier Women 500m - 1st
Premier Men 500m - 1st
Premier Mixed 500m - 2nd
Master Mixed 500m - 1st
Master Women 500m - 2nd
Grand Master Women 500m - 1st
Grand Masters Mixed  500m  – 1st

Sunday saw BRD turn up to see that two of our tents collapsed overnight due to the heavy rain – check out the images from States online – after setting up new shelter from the rain, it was off to do battle in the 2000’s and 10’s 200m for Masters and Grand Masters Men, along with a Grand Master Women’s 10’s crew. 10’s crews also competed in the 1000m races in Premier, Masters and Grand Masters Mixed.

With some changes to the crew lists from day one, BRD managed perfect results in the 2000m – winning all 2000m races. It was tight in a few of the results, with BRD sneaking home by 1 – 2 seconds, but with people backing up, it was an awesome effort. It was interesting to note the times between Premier Open and Grand Masters Mixed, in trying conditions – Premiers, the best time of the day, 9:01.62, Grand Masters, 9:02.52 – just 0.9 secs between them – well done Grandies.

Premier Women 2000m - 1st
Premier Men 2000m - 1st
Premier Mixed 2000m - 1st
Master Mixed 2000 2000m - 1st
Grand Master Mixed 2000m - 1st and 4th
Grand Master Women 2000m - 1st

After the 2000m, we saw the 10’s 1000m, a trial event in this regatta – where BRD once again went well, backing up from the 2000’s, which none of the other clubs did.

Premier Mixed 1000m – 3rd
Master Mixed 1000m – 3rd
Grand Master Mixed 1000m - 1st

Final events for Sunday saw us compete in the 10’s, where we were unable to compete in the 20’s. Excellent results with Masters and Grand Masters Open achieving first place, after some fantastic clashes with Manly, Te Waka and Redcliffe along the way.

Our no. 2 team was the same in both events finished 3rd and 4th an excellent effort.

Grand Master Open  10’s 200m - 1st and 3rd
Master Open  10’s 200m - 1st and 4th (9 teams)
Grand Master Women 10’s 200m - Minor Final

A big congrats to the Grand Master Women 10's crew who battled some tough conditions and even raced shorthanded in the last race to post some impressive results and show the true BRD spirit.

Thanks to all who helped over the weekend, too many to mention, but thanks to the coaches, club executive and the many many volunteers who make BRD a great club.

Next stop, Nationals – time to bring back the Australian Championships.

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