Well the weekend that just passed had it all if you're from BRD.Well Saturday did at the very least.

Come 'n Try and Gold programs at Colmslie on Saturday morning, then the Hakka Multicultural Festival at Forest Lake, also starting mid morning, going through to mid afternoon, then finally, the end of season awards night that night!

Thanks to Te waka who assisted with a couple of dragon boats whilst all ours were booked out at Forest Lake. We even had to get all the outiriggers out on the water to handle all the people that attended C & T and the Gold program.

With 35 people attending, President Tracey, along with Erica and other outriggers had to get C & T people on the water when our friends from Te waka were a bit late with delivery of their two dragons boats. And it worked a treat as a lot of the people attending got to try out both outriggers and dragon boats.

A big thanks to the MBT ladies who stayed back and assisted with sign on, and general welcomes -whilst only getting a small paddle themselves.

Over the three (3) C & T's, we attracted around 80 people (well done on the promo Skins) - and these along with the Gold program (thanks Di Peglas - raised $700) and the Hakka Multicultural Festival, we've introduced paddling to some 200 or so people in the past six (6) weeks.

We've signed up a few new paddlers and had strong interest from a number of people - male and female - prems, masters and grandies - looking like a good season 2011/12! I have most of the names/email addresses of people who attended, so they'll be getting an email campaign blitz from me over the coming weeks.

The Hakka Multicultural Festival went off very well, with five (5) corporate teams and three (3) sports teams attending. Although everything went off well, some initial misunderstandings led to uncertainty about support from members at the event. We'll have to make sure we give Blair our full and "early" support, for next years event - which will no doubt be bigger and better.

The event saw each team race in three (3) 200m races, for lane allocation in the final. The Vienamese team were too strong in the corporate category, winning in a time of 1:03.27, over Singapore/Malaysia in 1:05.30. It was tight for 3rd to 5th, with Indo China in 3rd, followed by Taiwan and Taiwan Hakka. Just 1.55 seconds split these three.

In the sports category, the combined Aurora's team (1:01.12), comfortably beat a BRD/Broadwater combo team (1:04.55) and a BRD team (1;07.61).

It's rumoured that the Vietnamese team wanted to challenge the Aurora's as their time difference, was only 2.15 seconds - but there wasn't enough for the challenge, and members of the Aurora's assured me they were only cruising - had plenty left in the tank!!!

Thanks to Blair for organising this for the 2nd year in a row, and bringing in $5K in funds for the club. Very much appreciated Blair.

The Awards night dinner went off well - food was good, the entertainment was great with everyone getting into the spirit and turning up in the cowboy (or Indian) costumes and whips!! Kim, I'm still not sure how fake breasts are country and western, but what the!!

Congratulations to everyone who picked up an award - from outrigging to dragon boating and MBT - I'll get a list together for you and include it in next weeks eNews. It was great to have a lot of the outrigging guys there - look out for a fund raiser coming up from these guys who will be attending Hawaii for an island to island ocean open water outrigging event in October.

Thanks to Di Peglas for organising the event.

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