I would like to let you know that I have my OWN drum stick now, which is clearly labelled, 'COCOPOPS' on it.

When I drummed 2000m in Canberra, a long drum stick string which is attached to the side of the drum, became a big problem. It got in a way when strokes reached their paddles out so much. "Ryoko!! String!!" I've got yelled at a few times - :-(

I knew I had to DO SOMETHING, IMMEDIATELY, though, one hand was holding on to the back of the chair for my dear life, another hand needed to keep on banging the drum. I had to draw a circle very very quickly to roll the dumb string around the stick while I was still banging the drum, without missing one bang!

So I asked Blair, if I could purchase my own drum stick, which I would use it without that painfully long string.

Last Saturday morning, Blair dropped something on the grass in front of me. It was a brand new drum stick and 'COCOPOPS' was clearly written on it. Thank you so much, Blair!

I will become a very good drummer with this very special drum stick :-)


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