Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold!!!

Yes, a gold rush for BRD on the first day of clubs. It should've been seven from seven, but a bit of bad luck and a blitz from a lane one team in the Masters Open final robbed us of a clean sweep.

The day started out with BRD having to scratch our Premiers Mixed, Ladies and Open teams from the 20's races, due the very restrictive draw, which meant with all the backing up required, and lack of numbers, we just couldn't get enough people on the water at the right time. Prems will be paddling tomorrow and Sunday in the 10's boats.

In the 500's, Grand Masters Mixed had both teams make the final, win the A team expected to dominate. But with Ewen breaking a paddle just as they were in front and doing their final lift- perhaps this may have caused a bit of a drop, and Nowra Water Dragons were able to surge past and collect gold.

Masters Mixed righted the wrongs and grabbed gold in the final. The first Nationals gold for new Master Skins - and he let everyone know!

Grand Masters Ladies added to the gold rush with a solid win in the 500m final. After going without a medal last year - they were determined to put Currumbin and others in their rear vision mirror and say catch us if you can - they couldn't! Another gold.

Then it was Masters Ladies turn - and they showed the field why they're World Champs - blitzing the field by over a boat length. We shouldn't have been surprised.

Masters Open lost this one by 0.32 secs last year and were looking to make amends - but it wasn't to be - with four boats crossing the line in unison. The race caller called us in as 4th, but when the final result came in - it was 2nd by 0.26 secs!! A final rush from the lane one outsiders caused a big upset!

Next up 2000m for the mixed teams. Grand Masters A team seemed to struggle a bit, and thought that perhaps they hadn't done enough, but when the results came in, they got gold by 3 secs. The B team were given incorrect instructions from an on course official which made them travel an extra 150/200m - perhaps adding 20 seconds to their time - we got 5 seconds given back to us - but not enough to grab a medal.

Masters Mixed blitzed the field and clearly won the 2000m by over 20 seconds

So a great day all round - bring on the 200m's tomorrow. And, Grand Masters Open finally get to paddle in the 10's - so hopefully some more bling there!

Results for Day Two - 500m were as follows:-

  • Grand Masters - Ladies - Gold
  • Grand Masters - Mixed A - Silver
  • Grand Masters - Mixed B - 5th
  • Masters - Open - Silver
  • Masters - Ladies  - Gold
  • Masters - Mixed - Gold

Results for Day Two 2000m were as follows:-

  • Grand Masters - Mixed A - Gold
  • Grand Masters - Mixed B - 5th
  • Masters - Mixed - Gold


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