I don't have any official results, and with so many categories in 20's and 10's - about 17 in all - and the fact that I didn't record the results, this is my best guess!!

Coomera took BRD's lead in introducing knock out 200m races - everyone loves them, they're a hard slog - especially if you have six teams in this race and you get through to the final - that's 5 x 200m races in a row!!
And they're all learning it's all about tactics! No need to race too hard in the first heat or so, just don't finish last and be knocked out!!

This was a painful lesson learnt by BRD in one event - Premiers Open 10's I think - we were cruising in third place in a four team race, when Manly came out of no where and caught us napping - we finished fourth - knocked out!! This didn't happen again.

The highlight race for the boys was the Premiers Open 500m race - near the end of the day. Most of the team had just come off paddling in the GrandMasters 500m mixed - we had two teams on the water - and they gave   each other good competition. As soon as we got off the boat, coach Gary calls out to all men - over here - now!! You see the thing is, even though we enter the Prems division, we only actually had one Prem at the event - Adam - I suppose we better help him out!!

Off we go, dutifully bound to paddle long and strong and see if we can see off the strong, young, fit looking lads from TeWaka!

Just sitting at the start line, sizing up the opponent, psyching myself up - Blair calls out - "concentrate on this boat!" Willis chimes in with - "it's all about power - deep strong start, get the boat up - then long and strong - don't rush the front - keep it powerful!"

We did just what they asked - an excellent start, strong strokes. Greg, one of our oldest paddlers was exerting himself to the max - giving all he had - you could hear him putting in on every stroke.

With a 100m to go, we held a slight lead, but TeWaka were ready to pounce - then the perfectly timed calls came from Willis and Blair - "Go Now!!" And the boat lifted and we surged ahead and away from TeWaka for a strong win, with the boys letting out a few woops and yeahs' as we crossed the line! (Editors note - only after we had paddled through the finish line mind you!!)

I'm sure the young TeWaka lads were looking over and saying how'd that lot beat us? Teamwork, a will to win and great sweeping and calls. It was a great race to be part of.

BRD once again performed well overall, winning the majority of events entered. I think it was seven or nine events we won?

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