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All juniors can also participate with The Queensland Sonic Dragons  - QDBF JUNIOR DRAGON BOAT CLUB. The Queensland Sonics was formed to cater for juniors aged 8 yrs to 18 yrs to train and compete in dragon boat sport. For more info, click here.

Paddlers who have been involved in the Sonics have gone on to be selected for the Australian Auroras and win Gold medals at World Championships, this is a great way to get started in what is an amazing sport


 BRD's junior paddler Issy Bradley joined recently and has this to say about why she started dragon boating

 How did you find out about dragon boating?  

I found out about Dragon Boat Paddling when I was very little. My Grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer before I was born, but had the surgery to remove the cancer a week before I was born. After she had her surgery she started going to meetings with other women that had breast cancer. She was then asked if she wanted to try dragon boat paddling and hesitated for the first few times she was asked but finally said yes. Ever since her first paddle she has loved it. Since I’m so close to my grandma I've pretty much grown up around dragon boats and so when I turned 12 I gave it a shot and instantly loved it.

What do I like about paddling?

I like paddling because every stroke I do let out any steam I may have from school or anywhere. But also because everyone is very nice and supportive, its fun and I always have something to strive for and every training session we have I set a new goal to get better.

What are my goals for the future?

My goals for the future are too become a champion dragon boat paddler and represent Australia with the Auroras.

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